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Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York is a world leading research centre with over 20 years experience in the area of green chemistry covering the development and implementation of green and sustainable chemical solutions and technologies into both commercial products and industrial processes.

The Centre has around 70 personnel including academic experts, specialist and support staff as well as postgraduate researchers. Modern research facilities include a range of specialist analytical instrumentation and specialist reactors based on clean technologies.


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Chemical Industries Association (CIA)

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the largest organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK. We represent all sizes of chemical and pharmaceutical businesses and approximately 70% of our members are overseas headquartered.

All CIA members are committed to Responsible Care principles. Responsible Care is a global voluntary initiative under which companies, through their national associations, work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance, and to communicate with customers and regulators about their products and processes.


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