Welcome to MUSC

Bringing together the chemical industry members of the Chemical Industry Association with the diverse sectorial contacts of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, helping to create new green and sustainable product supply chains.

As a membership lead organisation events will be organised in accordance
with the member organisations wishes.  With a wealth of industrial and
academic contacts in a wide range of fields from renewable & sustainable
materials, regulatory and new processing technologies such as microwave &
sub and supercritical solvents.  We have contacts, knowledge and know-how to
create and build links between end-user needs and suppliers, including value
adding processes for making one industry waste into another's raw material.



Member Benefits

1 - Best practice sharing

2 - Showcasing and demonstrating of emerging technology

3 - Events

4 - Newsletters

5 - Introducing function

6 - Teleconferences

7 - Free round table meetings

8 - Intranet discussion postings


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